Repairs from £28.05

All prices inclusive of VAT (currently 20%) except where stated. Price increase on 1 Apr 2022 by 10%. Last increase was Apr 2019

EMERGENCIES Daytime (1.5 x Tier rate). Prices inclusive of VAT
Evenings and Weekends ( 2 x Tier rate)
Home network

On-site - tier one (domestic and small business) - not server or peer to peer networks.
Onsite repairs/upgrades/training/diagnostics/broadband configuration etc.
£28.05 for the first 30 minutes (minimum charge) then £14.03 in 15 minute increments (£56.10 ph inc VAT)
Note: Travel charge applies from Mary Tavy.

Server network

On-site - tier two (business networks)
£34.50 for the first half hour (minium charge) then £17.25 in 15 minute increments (£69ph inc VAT).

Health check

Healthcheck / system optimisation / tune up (workshop only)
Think of this like the annual service and MOT on your car. Identifying potential problems before they cause you major inconvenience and unplanned expense. We recommend this is done annually to coincide with your Internet Security renewal. Refer to repairs page for more details.

From £57 depending on system functionality.

Windows reload

Windows reload - domestic systems (including data migration)
£85.50 - workshop only (Windows O/S). O/S plus additional software and data (hourly rate). In some cases where Windows is beyond fixing as result of virus damage etc a re-installation of Windows is the only option. This price assumes you don't have any recovery method and a manual reload is required. If you do have a set of recovery DVD's or recovery partition then the price will be reduced to reflect the time taken to complete the procedure.

Reloaded systems will be updated to the latest Microsoft Service patch and system driver (this is a timely procedure). Adobe Acrobat Reader and Google Chrome will also be installed along with your preferred security protection. A system image / recovery partition will also be created (where practical) to aid future recovery if needed.
Advice: Keep costs down by having an up to date image/backup of your system.

Additional work may be required at your location to configure printer, internet connection etc which is subject to our on-site rate.

Workshop repair

Workshop (repairs, data transfer, upgrades, virus removal)

£28.05 for the first 30 minutes (minimum charge) then £14.03 in 15 minute increments (£56.10 ph inc VAT)

Installation after repair (optional)
For workshop repairs - if you would like us to deliver and re-install your system after a repair then we will charge travel plus £9.45 (assuming re-installation does not take more than 15 minutes).

Data recovery

Data recovery
From £33. Please call to discuss options as every scenario is different.


(45ppm ex VAT- return trip) - Equivelent to 90p ex VAT per mile (one way) from Mary Tavy.


Survey / Consultation / Quotes
During a survey or consultation we give advice and recommendations with detailed schematics as required. We charge for the time taken to survey and the preparation of reports. The final figure is dependent on the complexity and your requirements. You will be advised of the estimated amount after an initial assessment.


Remote help
£26.40 inc VAT (£22 ex VAT) for help up to 15 minutes then £14.03 for every additioanal 15 minutes. Minimum fee £26.40 inc. We can help you via the telephone or by remote control by appointment. If you have an internet connection then we will send you a link to install some remote control software which will enable us to help you via the internet (not available in all situations). If the remote session extends beyond 30 minutes the time will be baed on the hourly rate of (£56.10 ph inc).

Updated: 30 March, 2022